Northwest Community College is Now Coast Mountain College

Effective June 18th, Northwest Community College is now Coast Mountain College (CMTN). The name change comes after two and a half years of research, community engagement and a strategic planning process that involved staff, faculty, students, alumni and community members.

“It is an exciting and historic day for us,” says President and CEO of Coast Mountain College, Ken Burt. “We are thrilled to have a new, unique name that reflects our goal of becoming the college of choice for experiential place-based learning.”

The name Coast Mountain College was chosen through a series of engagement exercises and links the importance of the people, places, geography and culture that are only found in this part of the country. All 34 communities that the college serves are located either on the coast or nestled in the mountains – the name connects those communities together.

The new visual identity also reflects the connection to community that we know is so dearly valued by our alumni, staff, students and other stakeholders in the community. The colour is a nod to the glaciers and rivers that define the area. The logo includes C-shaped forms referring to the coastal areas of the region and an M shape that represents the mountains. The top of the visual identity is reminiscent of a mountain, also a symbol of achievement. The lower portion of the logo represents the coastline reflection and the rivers, waterways and ocean waters that connect our communities.

While the name and visual identity has changed, the core offerings of the college continue. Our flagship programs continue to grow and expand, our field schools are connecting students to their studies outside the four walls of their classrooms, the trades programs offer innovative and mobile solutions to serve students and business programs are expanding across the region. Dual credit offerings are also expanding and adult basic education remains free.

“We are proud stewards of this institution and we are excited about its future as we embark on a new, adventurous journey,” says Burt.

Community celebrations will be held in September as the new fall semester begins.

Original article from Coast Mountain College