Northwest Community College Outdoor Classroom Inspires Students.

The Kitsumkalum Field School began on May 2 as the sun came up over the glacial-fed waters of Kalum Lake, about 30 kilometers north of NWCC’s Terrace campus. A caravan of 12 students, three instructors, two representatives from the Kitsumklaum community and a very large canoe made their way up the Nass Highway.

It marked the first day of NWCC’s newest experiential learning opportunity and upon arrival to Kalum Lake, the anticipation was electric.

On the beach, students received an introduction to Biology of Plants and the Geography of Environments and Society. Combined, these two courses make up the curriculum of the field school; assessing ecological diversity, the effects of land disturbance, land-use issues and ecosystem management.

“I get new ways to see my surroundings and expand my knowledge on what’s happening to that environment,” said Tessa Bokla, Earth and Environmental Studies student. “Participating in this school also gives our class a sample of what our jobs are likely to be when working out in the field.” Read more.