Nutrition and Food Service Management program at Langara College re-accredited with perfect score

The online Nutrition and Food Service Management Program has been re-accredited for five years by the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM). The program received a perfect score in meeting the accreditation standards.

“This means that upon completion of the diploma, students are job ready and immediately eligible for membership in the national association, the CSNM. The program is meeting 100% of professional food service manager competency requirements,” said Laura Cullen, Department Chair, Nutrition Management Program.

The curriculum incorporates core food service courses in food service management, operations and nutrition combined with academic studies in related disciplines. Students apply the concepts of food service management through a variety of practicum and fieldwork experiences. The program can be completed entirely online on a full-time or part-time basis.

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Accreditation and the online format of the program also results in attracting students from a wide geographic range.

“This gives our educational offering a level of recognition and credibility that would otherwise not exist - we are nationally recognized,” added Leelah Dawson, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences and Management. “Our graduates can go anywhere in the country, and this accreditation means they will be attractive to employers – they are a known quantity.” The fully online program was also recently added to an existing agreement with Royal Roads University, providing a ready pathway to full degree completion in an online format.

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