Okanagan College School of Business Alumni made a lot of connections while studying

Those connections led her to where she is today, as a social entrepreneur with a fashion business aimed at sustainability in an industry that produces greenhouse gases at twice the rate of the airline industry.

“I went to Okanagan College because I was interested in the marketing world and possibly one day owning my own business,” says McKay. “Looking back, I made so many amazing connections at Okanagan College that led me in the direction of all of my most critical work experiences and special life experiences. It led me to my study abroad program, which led me to the job opportunities I’ve had.”

At McKay’s Most Wanted Luxury Resale, re-use and recycle aren’t just buzzwords, they are a way of life. They offer “pre-loved” luxury items, extending the use of clothing and limiting its impact on the environment.

“Our focus is to do what is best for people and our planet in every decision we make,” says McKay. “We are here to celebrate our collective love of fashion by fostering a community committed to learning, shifting our shopping habits, and exploring style in the incredible world of pre-loved.”

Most Wanted is a small, women led consignment boutique and sustainable fashion is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to McKay’s efforts. Her shop utilizes recycled paper for business cards, avoids printing at all costs and at its core, aims to keep clothing in people’s wardrobes and out of landfills and waterways.

Funds raised through sales are donated to Remake, an international non-profit that is fighting to make the fashion industry a force for good. On Sept. 24, Most Wanted is hosting Fashion Stories: Exploring Sustainability in Fashion, an art exhibition in support of Remake.

“The purpose is to spark vital conversations about fashion’s impact on both people and our planet,” says McKay.

Original article by Okanagan College