Outstanding UAS Students Recognized for Achievements

Outstanding UAS Students Recognized for Achievements

Apr 17 2014
With students now in the heat of final exams, the University Arts & Sciences Program took time out last week to pay tribute to some of its students who exceeded expectations over this past school year.

The Pit on the Selkirk College Castlegar Campus was full of the best and brightest students last week for the annual University Arts & Sciences Excellence Award.

Each member of the UAS faculty put forward the names of three students who stood above the rest in the 2013-2014 school term. From History to Physics and everything in between, dozens of students were presented with certificates for their outstanding achievements.

Students in all the UAS classes were recognized for their outstanding achievements this past school term.

“I feel that in some ways this award totally trumps the grades,” said UAS student Kelly Mikkelson, who was chosen to deliver a valedictory address at the lunch hour event. “Our expenditure of energy did not go unnoticed. The simple fact that you instructors have noticed the sweat and toil of our work… well it makes the stress totally worth it.”

Capturing the Spirit of Learning at Selkirk College

The awards were not based on grades alone. Faculty chose winners based on excellence in the academic spirit or significant improvement.

“This is a wonderful initiative by the UAS faculty and I am very pleased to see us recognize the achievement of these tremendous students,” said UAS Chair David Feldman.

UAS student Kelly Mikkelson was chosen to deliver a valedictory address at the lunch hour event in The Pit.

With students across all Selkirk College campuses now in the thick of semester-ending exams, the event was a nice break before crunch time.

“Instructors… your passion, compassion and encouragement inspire us to learn,” Mikkelson said during her speech. “By sharing expertise, you are building the future foundation of excellence in your field. When I was child someone once told me that the only way to become immortal is to be a teacher. My intention and hope is that we honour your vision and continue on this path knowing that all of you believe in us.”

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