Protein for People Project Hosted at Selkirk College

Getting protein into your diet isn’t always easy for those struggling to make ends meet. An event hosted by West Kootenay Labour Council and Selkirk College offered up a meal for families – a free salmon buffet – in banquet style as an initiative aiming to ensure poverty doesn’t reach the plate.

About 200 people filled a festive banquet hall on Selkirk College’s Tenth Street Campus for a meal featuring protein, something that can be challenging to incorporate into a menu when one is on a limited budget.

Protein for People was a collaborative event that included Selkirk College Resort & Hotel Management Program students hosting families and individuals from around the West Kootenay identified as having food security challenges. Professional Cook Program students prepared a meal of salmon, chicken, squash and salads and demonstrated how to prepare two meals using canned salmon as a protein.

Students from Selkirk College’s School of Hospitality and Tourism hosted about 200 people to Tenth Street Campus for a food forum aiming to help people struggling with poverty get protein into their meals.

“As we teach our students how to host guests and prepare delicious fare, it’s important to understand that healthy food remains out of reach for many people struggling with poverty. We also want our students to learn the significance of giving back to community,” says Selkirk College Hospitality & Tourism Instructor Harry Pringle.

The event was held just one day after the United Nations International Eradication of Poverty Day, October 17.

Protein for People Project was started in 2006 as an initiative by BC’s labour unions to help support families in need. Protein for People worked with local food banks and the community to connect families and individuals impacted by job loss, low wages and limited incomes with resources they may need to lift them out of poverty.

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