Provincial funding supports students with disabilities in the classroom and the workplace

“Our government is working to make sure everyone has an opportunity to benefit from B.C.’s strong and growing economy and part of that means helping provide the training and resources needed to get rewarding jobs” Peace River South MLA Mike Bernier said. “By helping students living with disabilities obtain required training; we are removing barriers to employment.”

“Our government is committed to improving accessibility for all British Columbians with disabilities,” Peace River North MLA Pat Pimm said. “All young people should have the opportunity to attend post-secondary training and this funding will help make that possible.”

The funding is part of nearly $1.3 million being delivered to twenty public post-secondary institutions throughout the province as part of the one-year anniversary of B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint.

“One of our top priorities is aligning with in-demand jobs, and this funding will go towards training for trades instructors so they can enhance their teaching styles in order to help learners with disabilities succeed,” said NLC’s Dean of Trades and Apprenticeships, Rene Tremblay.

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