Resources from Gillian and Shelagh

A little late, but thought this would be well received.  Our EA group is comprised of people who have pursued outside interests that are very fulfilling to them and informative for us.  Two of these people are Gillian Roberts (VCC) and Shelagh Donnelly (DC)

Gillian has co-authored a book titled The Thought that Changed My Life forever.  I asked if she would mind if I shared information with the group and her words follow: I would be most pleased to have you pass it along, as you like/can. It is such a warm and encouraging group – very nice to have people express interest in learning more. See link below.

Gillian Roberts book info

Shelagh has started a website “Exceptional EA"  ( ) which is jam-packed with all kinds of resources.  I’ve been back a few times and trust me, I always find something of interest.

So nicely done Shelagh and Gillian.  Thank you for sharing with us.  And keep inspiring us to reach beyond our self-imposed boundaries!  Feel free to pass this information along to others who need a little inspiration.