Selkirk College Alumna Adds Creative Touch To Expanding the Brand

When Selkirk College was looking for a creative way to leave a lasting impression for special occasions, the search ended close to home with alumna Hannah Jarvis-Lingard who created a branded line of ceramics.

It was a creative mission Selkirk College alumna Hannah Jarvis-Lingard embraced as a chance to spread her enthusiasm about education fit for the West Kootenay.

A graduate of Selkirk College’s Kootenay Studio Arts (KSA) Ceramics Program, Jarvis-Lingard was commissioned to create a line of pottery to be used as gifts on behalf of the college and for sale at campus bookstores.

Hannah Lingard-Jarvis with a few samples of the special line of Selkirk College branded pottery she created. The mugs, tumblers, small bowls, candle holders and small dishes will be used as gifts from the college over the next few years.

“Selkirk College is an important part of my life growing up in Nelson and an important part of my home,” says the 21-year-old. “I’m happy to be contributing.”

Growing Up With Selkirk College

Jarvis-Lingard’s mom Laurie Jarvis has worked at Selkirk College since 1986. Starting in the Selkirk International Department, Jarvis is now the Learning Skills Coordinator at Nelson’s Silver King Campus.

Jarvis-Lingard grew up with the spirit of community college education always in the background. Once she graduated from high school, Jarvis-Lingard enrolled at KSA to pursue her passion for ceramics. She took a break from the studio and spent her second year of post-secondary on the Castlegar Campus where she focused on Peace Studies.

Some examples of Jarvis-Lingard's line of pottery that was created over the summer.

Last year, Jarvis-Lingard returned to KSA to expand on her ceramics training and earned an Open Studio Advanced Certificate. It was during that time she developed the line of ceramics that is featured in the new Selkirk College-branded pottery.

Working with Selkirk College President Angus Graeme and Selkirk College Graphic & Creative Coordinator Marian Lowe, Jarvis-Lingard set to work on creating 175 unique and beautifully crafted pieces. The goal was to produce unique pieces that were branded, but didn’t comprise the art.

She spent hundreds of hours over the summer months creating mugs, tumblers, small bowls, candle holders and small dishes. Each one features a small Selkirk College logo or a Mir Centre for Peace logo.

“It’s neat to be part of a project like this, especially when it’s something you are proud of,” says Jarvis-Lingard. “Each piece is unique and pretty personal… and then it goes out into the world.”

The pieces will be used by the President’s Office, Selkirk International and the Mir Centre for Peace in the coming years when special occasions warrant a special keepsake. Some of the pottery is also available in the Selkirk College bookstores.


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