Selkirk College Education Plan Strengthens Overall Vision

Selkirk College Education Plan Strengthens Overall Vision

May 04 2014
In the works for more than a year, the Selkirk College Education Plan 2014-2018 has now been released and provides an important overview of the directions the college is heading the goals that will be accomplished along the way.

Selkirk College’s commitment to learners and a high quality post-secondary education experience has taken another step forward with the release of its Education Plan 2014-2018.

As a major step in implementing the Selkirk College Strategic Plan 2013-2018, the Education Plan 2014-2018 sets priority actions that will result in the continued success of students and provide a consistent vision. Now available in a 16-page document, the plan is the result of a year-long collaboration by many key stakeholders at the college.

Selkirk College Vice President of Education and Students Neil Coburn with the recently released Education Plan.

“I’m delighted with it,” says Neil Coburn, Vice President of Education and Students. “This is key for developing a framework for everything we do at Selkirk College. I really encourage everyone to pick it up so they can see where we are and where this college plans to go in the future.”

Continuation of Strategic Plan Vision

The Education Plan 2014-2018 was coordinated by Coburn and engaged many people at the college over the last year. The plan supports the renewed strategic plan that was released last year and integrates existing processes into a single aligned vision. Identifying important goals and objectives, the plan sets priority actions and states 21 goals for the next five years.

“This plan provides an important framework,” says Coburn, who has been part of Selkirk College leadership for the last 14 years. “In these times of more pressing expectations, the Ministry of Advanced Education requires institutions to document the continuous improvement of post-secondary education in this province. This Plan will be extremely valuable to the entire Selkirk College community over the next few years.”

Document Important for All Staff and Students

The identified goals range from providing responsive program delivery based on needs assessments and demonstrated community, industry and learner demand to providing program outcomes for all programs and relevant learning outcomes for all courses.

“Instructors will see the immediate relevance of the plan, but everyone in the college will be touched by this document in some way as it addresses the entire student experience while they are here,” says Coburn.

The Education Plan 2013-2018 is now being distributed to all Selkirk College employees and is available online at

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