Selkirk College Food Service Worker Students Prepare for Graduation 2015

Selkirk College Food Service Worker Students Prepare for Graduation 2015

Apr 20 2015
This year marks the first time that the Food Service Worker (FSW) Program will have graduates walking across the stage at the graduation ceremony.

For the past five years, William Thatcher from Montrose and Tim McTeer from Patterson, have been studying at the Selkirk College Trail Campus. They have been learning how to operate a full-service cafeteria and running catering functions and banquets in the greater Trail area. They prepare nutritious and tasty lunch items Monday to Friday alongside their classmates who share in the kitchen and service duties.

This Friday afternoon, they will join students from all Selkirk College programs at the Graduation 2015 Ceremony on the Castlegar Campus.

"We have been honoured to be a part of Will and Tim's journey in learning, we are all sharing a sense of pride and excitement,” says FSW instructional team member, Kim Martin. “We reflect not only on their academic achievements, but on their personal growth and self-confidence. We’re inspired by their hard work and dedication. We are seeing their graduation as not the end of a journey, but the beginning of a new one that we know will bring them both great successes."

McTeer (on the left) and Thatcher are looking forward to their graduation ceremony on Friday.

McTeer has learned how to cook everything from soups to baked goods and loves having this skill for himself, his family and friends. He is hoping to find employment in Rossland or Trail after graduation.

Thatcher says he uses most of his cooking skills at home and his favourite thing to create are platters especially pickle-themed. Knowing how to cook will hopefully land him a job in Montrose.

Five Years of Great Memories & New Skills

Thatcher’s best memories from the program include being able to cook for friends when they drop into the cafeteria for lunch. McTeer also likes cooking for friends and being able to meet new friends through work.

“I’m feeling 50/50, excited to go on stage but nervous about the process,” says Thatcher who will have his family there on grad day.

McTeer agrees, and adds they are both feeling pleased to know their parents will be there cheering for them when the cross the stage in cap and gown.

McTeer labeling soups for the kitchen before the lunch rush.

The other students in the four-year FSW Program are excited too and will all be there to applaud their two grads in the sea of burgundy. They will also be having a celebration party afterwards to say congratulations and good bye.

McTeer’s advice to his classmates is “to always look on the bright side and remember that you can always learn to do new things.”

Thatcher says, “Be a team, take initiative and just go for it!”

Thatcher slicing tomatoes for a BLT lunch special in the kitchen of the Trail Campus Cafeteria.

The Trail Campus Cafeteria operates out of the Senior Citizens Branch Centre, located on the ground floor of the Greater Trail Community Centre. Learn more about the Trail Campus Cafeteria.

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