Selkirk College Hairstylist Students Open Silver King Campus Salon

Students pointing their education towards a career as a hairstylist are now ready to put theory into practice at the Silver King Campus Hair Salon that is open and currently booking appointments for the public.

With a full semester of foundational learning complete, students in the Selkirk College Hairstylist Program are now welcoming customers to Nelson’s Silver King Campus.

The Selkirk College Hair Salon has opened its doors for cuts, deep conditioning, colour services, highlighting and more. This year’s class is now booking appointments for both women and men.

“This is a vital part of our learning,” says Hairstylist Program Instructor Luree Gould. “For the first five months of the program, students work very hard at acquiring and developing their skills. Now they have the opportunity to welcome clients to their chairs where they take their learning to the next level.”

Staying in Style for More Than 50 Years

Educating and training the next generation of hairstylists has been taking place at Silver King for more than 50 years when the campus was first opened as the BC Vocational School in 1964. The pillar program has kept pace with the latest styles, trends and advancements in the industry while turning out graduates who go onto fulfilling careers across the region and across the country.

“The students are still developing their skills, but they are ready to offer a full range of services,” says Gould, a local industry veteran and herself a graduate of the program. “One of the important elements of having students work in the salon is interacting with the clients. There is so much more to this profession than being skilled with scissors and colouring.”

Students are closely supervised by Gould as they execute their appointments. Though the length of time a client spends in the chair can be slightly longer, students and teacher ensure the end result is high quality.

The Selkirk College Hair Salon is now open Monday to Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Women’s cuts start at $10 and men’s cuts at $8, with a whole host of other services available. To book an appointment call 250.354.3243.

Original article from Selkirk College