Selkirk College Music Faculty Step Out of the Classroom

The annual Contemporary Music & Technology Program's Faculty Concert is set for the Shambhala Music & Performance Hall on Nelson's Tenth Street Campus where the community will get a chance to see the talented teachers perform an eclectic set of music in an evening show that is not to be missed.

Nine of the region’s most talented music mentors will take the Shambhala Music & Performance Hall stage for the annual Selkirk College Contemporary Music & Technology Program’s Faculty Concert.

Selkirk College Faculty Concert

Since the program played its first notes on Nelson’s Tenth Street Campus in 1989, the faculty has set aside one night a year to gather together for a phonic feast that showcases the chops of the experienced educators. This year’s Faculty Concert takes place on Friday, January 26 starting at 7:30 p.m.

“We love sharing what we do with the community and our students,” says veteran instructor Don Macdonald, a specialist in violin, sax and vocals. “And we're so thankful to the community for helping us thrive over the years.”

Joining Macdonald at the evening performance will be: Darren Mahe (guitar and vocals), Gilles Parenteau (keys), Melody Diachun (vocals), Laura Landsberg (vocals), Steven Parish (drums), Mark Spielman (bass), Andre van Berlo (guitar) and Ralf Buschmeyer (guitar). Each faculty member chose their own piece to perform for the evening that will feature a mix of originals and recognizable songs in the style of jazz, pop and R&B.

“Playing together brings out the best in everyone,” says Macdonald. “It's our passion and we feed off of each other’s energy.”

Talent Oozes on Tenth Street Campus

Outside their tasks as teacher, the program’s faculty have individually released dozens of albums over their careers and continue to play in an assortment of venues both near and far. This year’s line-up will feature program veterans and those still settling into their roles on the Tenth Street Campus.

“This faculty show is the first with our new guitar instructor Ralf Buschmeyer,” says Macdonald. “Ralf had tough shoes to fill after Paul Landsberg retired last year, but he’s a real pro and a huge asset to the program. We couldn't be happier that he's joined our team.”

Admission to the Faculty Concert is by donation and all proceeds will go towards student awards that help offset the cost of a post-secondary education.

“We recognize the challenges that our students face when they make the decision to pursue a formal music education,” says Macdonald. “We're excited about contributing towards the next generation of incoming students by directing the proceeds of this event towards scholarships.”

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