Selkirk Hosts Visual Arts and Design Credit Transfer Meeting

Selkirk Hosts Visual Arts and Design Credit Transfer Meeting

Jun 06 2013
Selkirk’s School of the Arts recently hosted the annual BC Council on Admission and Transfers (BCCAT) Visual Arts and Design Articulation Committee Meeting.  Committee members from across the province came together to discuss course curriculum and transfer credits for arts programs that will allow students to put their college credits towards a university degree.

Articulation committees meet at various post-secondary institutions throughout BC, but this was the first time Selkirk hosted the meeting, bringing out a record number of committee members.  Members discussed how Selkirk’s School of the Arts and other institution’s arts programs can work with universities to create credits that meet criteria for the BC Transfer System.  The ability to transfer college credits to a university means more options for students.  

Providing Options and Benefits for Students

Transferring credits to another institution after two years at Selkirk is a great option for students and provides them with a number of benefits.  Not only can they put their certificate or diploma courses towards a degree, they can save financially by attending college for the first two years.  Students from the local area are able to stay closer to home to save money before heading off to a university, which is typically more expensive, and inter-provincial and international students like the option to attend Selkirk before their university experience for the Kootenay lifestyle and more reasonable cost of living.

“The possibility of having more Selkirk arts courses in the BC transfer System is really exciting,” said Chair of the School of the Arts, Jason Taylor.  “It will provide our students with the ability to transfer their courses to other post-secondary institutions within BC where they can continue with their studies and obtain a bachelor’s degree in a field they’re passionate about.”

Selkirk’s School of the Arts includes Digital Arts and New Media, Contemporary Music and Technology, and Craft and Design.  Certificates and diplomas are available in a range of areas including sound and video production, graphic arts, web development, ceramics, jewelry, textiles, blacksmithing, metal casting, music composition, music engineering, songwriting and performance.    

Developing Positive Relationships with Universities

As a member of the BCCAT Visual Arts and Design Articulation Committee, Selkirk’s School of the Arts is working with universities to develop curriculum that will match other institution’s bachelor’s degree requirements.  Block transfers are also desirable for students so they can transfer many of their credits to a university.  Selkirk’s School of the Arts has a positive relationship with universities throughout British Columbia and Alberta, and is working closely with them to ensure Selkirk’s arts programs can become a part of the BC Transfer System.

“We had a very successful Articulation Committee meeting and made a lot of progress discussing course curriculum that will align what universities offer,” said Jason.  “The institutions we’re working with are very open to possibilities and excited to welcome students from Selkirk into their bachelor programs.”

Building on Strategic Directions

Creating School of the Arts credits that can become a part of the BC Transfer System builds on Selkirk's strategic directions to increase enrolments, and engage the wider community in learning and developing innovative programs and services. 

For more information, please contact Selkirk’s Chair of the School of Arts, Jason Taylor, at 250.505.1305. 

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