Selkirk International Study Abroad Scholarship Deadline of Apr 15th

International Study Abroad Scholarship Deadline of Apr 15th

Monday, April 15, 2013 - 4:00pm

Selkirk College's study abroad programs and funding opportunities play a key role in Selkirk’s strategic focus on developing innovative programs and services for students. Students will gain valuable skills through practicum placement, study exchange, and experiential learning with a global perspective, which helps them build strong future career paths.


$16,000 in Scholarships for International Study & Work Programs

Selkirk College has been allocated $16,000 in scholarships to support its students participating in international study or work programs in 2013. Selkirk students travel to places such as Japan, France and Guatemala as a part of their studies each year. Programs such as the Irving K. Barber Pacific HorizonsOne World and Premier’s International scholarships support international exchange and help Selkirk students become global citizens. 

For each of these scholarships, successful applicants must clearly demonstrate academic merit and significant community and school involvement.  The Irving K. Barber Society, in conjunction with the Victoria Foundation, administers these scholarships.

One World Scholarships ($1,000 - $3,500)

One World scholarships fund students pursuing study or work abroad programs that are at least three weeks in length, and either a formal part of their Selkirk College program or carry transferable academic credit for their diploma.

Premier’s International Scholarships ($6,000 - $10,000)

Premier’s International scholarship recipients are chosen provincially each April. Students must meet all One World eligibility criteria and additional academic standing and program length requirements to be considered.  

Pacific Horizon Scholarships ($1,000)

Students participating in study or work abroad programs focusing on language acquisition and cultural immersion, can apply for a Pacific Horizons scholarship.

Upcoming Deadline April 15th 2013

Selkirk International accepts applications throughout the year.  The next deadline for applications is April 15, 2013. Application forms and detailed eligibility information are available online at BC Scholarship.  

For additional information, contact Selkirk International Study Abroad Coordinator, Tessa Bendig at 250.365.7292 ext. 485.

Learn more about Selkirk International, other Selkirk College Scholarships, Awards & Bursaries or visit the Selkirk International Facebook page.

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