Selkirk's Mini-University Success

Selkirk's University Arts & Sciences Mini-University Success

Jun 14 2013

Selkirk's Third Annual Mini-University was a memorable day for elementary students, teachers, faculty and community members. The organizers would like to thank everyone involved for helping create a successful and educational event.

From Idea to Event

Mini-University came from an initial proposal created by Selkirk's Anthropology and Peace Studies Instructor, Lori Barkley, who wanted to invite one Brent Kennedy Elementary class to solve a tricky chimpanzee skeleton transportation problem. It has now grown into a popular, annual event, which just took place on on June 4th, 2013.

Karen Godbout and her busy bees. 

The Mini-University Community

Mini-University has a positive impact on several communities and is a great way for many people who wouldn't normally visit the college to experience first-hand the range of programs and services Selkirk offers. Elizabeth Lund, Selkirk's Chemistry Instructor and one of the main organizers behind this event explained, "we've now grown to three schools, five classes, 122 children, 23 Teachers and parents, 16 different 'lessons',  21 Faculty members, five co-op students, five community volunteers and helpers galore."

Biologists "in-tent" on their work.

Fantastic Activities for Young Learners

All of the activities were well-received by both the young learners and their teachers in tow. Debbie Oliver, a Webster Elementary Teacher from Trail said, "I cannot thank you and your colleagues enough for such a glorious day. My class was so excited about coming and the experience did not disappoint. All the activities were age appropriate, high interest and it all went off like clock work. I know how much effort it takes to make something seem effortless."

These future geologists say, "Selkirk Rocks!"

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