September 18, 2012 Presidents Meeting

Essential Skills - resources sent by Scott Murray to share with Presidents (see next two bullets)

  • Presidents' Consortium Pilot: BC Consortium for Skills Development - Interim Report  - this is the report shared by Bob McConkey and Scott McAlpine at the September 18, 2012 Presidents' meeting.

  • September 18th presentation by Scott Murray and Kyle Downey entitled Levelling Up, The Skills Challenge for British Columbia. This powerpoint also includes the presentation by Bob McConkey and Peter Wilkins (The Training Group at Douglas College).  Slides 25 -32 (topic - Bridging the Gap Between Higher Education and the Workplace: Essential Skills for College Students) talk about the project that Douglas College was involved in.  They were the lead college on the national research project, sponsored by  HRSDC, that applied essential skills training in the college environment.  They conducted essential skills assessments and interventions on students from Business and Health.