Skills Gap Triggers Social Innovation In The Trades

Technology and science traditionally influence innovation in the skilled trades, making them more effective, efficient and safer. But an emerging social phenomenon is leading to a new type of trades innovation. As senior workers retire in ever-increasing numbers, the long-predicted "skills gap" is becoming a reality. There is a need and an opportunity for non-traditional trades learners, driving social and educational innovation in the workplace and at Camosun.

Women find a fit in the trades More and more women are looking to trades as a viable and rewarding career choice. Women with the right prerequisites can enroll directly into one of the Trades Foundation programs offered at Camosun. Another option that the Province of BC has sponsored at Camosun and other colleges is the innovative Women in Trades Training (WITT) program. This intense 12-week exploration and preparation program has been an amazing success, with approximately 85% of students continuing on to formal trades education. "WITT is fast paced! It's exciting! And it's very empowering," says Jayna Wiewiorowski, Camosun's WITT Development Co-ordinator.