UNBC MBA Program Opens at Langara

UNBC MBA Program Opens at Langara

Vancouver, BC – The University of Northern British Columbia’s Master of Business Administration Program held its first class in Vancouver at Langara today.

The program has opened at the College following an agreement with UNBC to make Langara’s 100 West 49th Avenue campus the Vancouver base for the northern institution’s MBA. A group of 19 professionals make up the first cohort of the program, who will spend the next 21 months working towards their degrees. All instruction is being delivered by UNBC faculty at the Langara campus, meaning that students will be able to complete the program without needing to travel to UNBC’s main location in Prince George.

The first cohort of the UNBC MBA at Langara 

Langara Vice-President Academic and Provost Dr. Brad O'Hara (far left) and UNBC's Dr. Raymond Cox (far right) with the first Vancouver cohort of the UNBC MBA Program.

“We’re ecstatic to launch our inaugural Vancouver cohort of the UNBC MBA Program here at Langara College,” said program director Dr. Raymond Cox. “We are looking forward to the students who are taking the program this year completing their studies successfully, and to the cohorts that will come in the future.”

The UNBC program covers the broad spectrum of topics and issues comprising a Master of Business Administration degree, while paying particular attention to the political, social, and economic issues of the North in Canada, as well as in the greater global context. In addition to two one-week residencies, students will attend classes one weekend each month in three-day, and sometimes four-day, sessions during the 21-month program.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer this incredible opportunity at Langara,” said the College’s Vice-President Academic and Provost Brad O’Hara. “The UNBC MBA is an outstanding program and this cohort will reap the benefit of having UNBC’s talented and dedicated faculty right here in Vancouver to work with.”

“I’m really looking forward to this challenge, and to learning from the UNBC MBA experience,” said Phuoi-Linh To, a new student to the program who also serves as Langara’s Manager for Accounting & Finance, Business, and Computer Technology Programs in Continuing Studies. “This is a unique program with a distinctly North American focus, and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

The UNBC MBA is in its tenth year at the institution’s Prince George campus.

Dr. Brad O'Hara welcomes the UNBC MBA students to Langara

Dr. Brad O'Hara welcomes students to their first MBA class at Langara.

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