Vancouver Community College: We're one year, bottled water free!

We're one year, bottled water free!

On March 22, 2012, VCC and the Students’ Union of VCC pledged to eliminate sales of bottled water on-campus as a show of commitment to sustainability. Included in the pledge was the promise to improve access to clean tap water at both the Broadway and Downtown campuses.

One of four digital water fountains at VCC.
We’re one year, bottled water free!

One year later and VCC has stood strong in its promise. In the past year, four water fountains with automatic bottle fillers and digital counters have been installed -- three at the Downtown campus and one at Broadway campus -- and 16 other fountains have been renovated to ensure the compatibility with reusable water bottles.

Wendy Avis, VCC manager of environment and sustainability says, “By choosing tap water, each of us at VCC saves money, reduces greenhouse gases, and prevents plastic bottles from ending up in our landfills and oceans. And, that means, together, we are reducing VCC’s environmental footprint and leading the way to a sustainable future."

Since the installation of the new water fountains, more than 60,000 reusable water bottles have been filled.

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