Vancouver Community College’s student-designed fashion label to be featured in local boutique

Original article by The Georgia Straight

Though it’s no surprise that the designers behind Bird on a Wire Creation’s latest stock hail from Vancouver—championing local markers is an important part of the Main Street boutique’s m.o.—their academic backgrounds may come as a surprise to some.

And by academic backgrounds, we mean these peeps are still in school. In fact, the two recently introduced tote bags are the products of six continuing-studies students currently enrolled in Vancouver Community College’s new fashion design and production diploma program.

They’re the first locally designed items to be presented to the public as part of the postsecondary institution’s new Colure label.

Speaking to the Straight at Bird on a Wire, VCC’s fashion program coordinator Andrea Korens explains that the courses are meant to offer students hands-on experience in the fashion production process.

Both the Oh-So tote ($60), which is adorned with gold, swirling patterns, and the Sling bag ($80), with its grey felt construction and chevron detailing, were designed and produced collaboratively by students during the first six weeks of the program.

“We found that students work so much better in context,” notes Korens. “So, for example, why is it important to learn the costing of this product? When they actually see how it impacts the retail sales of the product, it’s like learning through experience. It becomes so much more real and they retain it so much better.”

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