Vancouver Island Woodworkers Guild Supports Camosun's Fine Furniture Capstone Projects

The president of the Vancouver Island Woodworkers Guild, Neil Bosdet, presented a cheque on April 24 for $800 for materials for Camosun's Fine Furniture programs Capstone Project and Exhibition.

Bosdet, who also owns and runs Acres away Woodworks, also presented a $500 bursary for Fine Furniture students.

For several years, the Guild has supported the college's Fine Furniture/Joinery Foundation program by providing funds to help purchase the materials for the student's final Capstone project—a chair they design and build themselves out of Western Maple. The Guild also offers free membership to the students while they are here, which allows them access to online resources, programming, and special tours and events.

This week, the students are finishing up the design work on their chairs and making 1:4 scale models before starting in on building them in their final term starting in May. The Guild provides a $500 award to the top chair, as determined by a panel of community professionals, created as the students' final projects. The students' chairs will be on display in the Cedar Hill Community Arts Center Gallery from June 13-24, 2018. This year the "best chair" will be invited to show at the 30-year retrospective of the Fine Furniture program, being curated by Cam Russell and Ken Guenter, in collaboration with the UVIC Legacy Gallery, July–September.

Original article from Camosun College