VCC instructor to build one of Canada's greenest homes

For his next homebuilding project, Joe Geluch is going the extra ‘green’ mile.

A part-time construction teacher at VCC, Geluch co-founded Naikoon Contracting Ltd. -- a company that specializes in green residential projects -- and broke ground this month on what is to be one of Canada’s greenest homes.

Concept for the Midori Uchi home.“Our goal is to take current green residential building standards to the next level by employing some of the most advanced sustainable systems and eco-friendly building supplies,” Geluch said in a press release.

The Midori Uchi, which translates to’ green home’ in Japanese, is located in North Vancouver’s Central Lonsdale district. Measuring 3,100 square feet, some unique features of the single family residence include rainwater recycling, solar thermal heating, in-home energy monitoring, concrete made from recycled building waste, and reclaimed lumber and building materials.

Geluch, a certified carpenter with 15 years experience in construction, teaches the construction course in VCC’s kitchen and bath design diploma program. Students learn about wood frame construction, electrical, plumbing, heating, building codes and the like.

Once finished in 2013, the Midori Uchi will stay open to the public as a show home for about a year.