Volunteers Celebrated In Langara College Formal Recognition Event

Langara College celebrated our student volunteers last week in the VOLT Volunteer Program’s first formal recognition program celebration. On April 9, 2015, 62 VOLT members – the highest number of participants to date – attended the appreciation event to receive their statements of achievement and enjoy an ice cream social. Dean of Student Services Clayton Munro and VOLT Program Coordinator Maggie Stewart formally thanked the students for all their hard work in contributing over 2000 volunteer hours.

“I am so proud of all the students involved,” Maggie Stewart said. “It’s a nice feeling to give back to a group that is so freely giving of their time, especially since they are in enrolled in studies and some of them are working.”

Students in the VOLT program may opt to participate in the formal recognition program, through which hours are logged and a statement of achievement is issued at each level of service completed. Though participation in this portion of VOLT is optional, the College's volunteer program organizers believe that offering multiple tiers of recognition and appreciation are critical for volunteer retention and engagement. “No matter what someone’s reason is for volunteering, it is incredibly important to recognize their contributions and encourage them to continue on,” one VOLT member commented.

About VOLT
The VOLT program at Langara empowers students to connect with rewarding volunteer opportunities on-campus, and in the community. We promote community engagement, social awareness, and student development through volunteerism. For more info visit

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Pearl Lam
Communications Officer
Langara College


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