Welcome to What’s Next: Vancouver Community College Unveils Bold New Brand Identity

Vancouver Community College (VCC) has unveiled its revitalized brand to students and employees at a special unveiling ceremony.

After months of consultation with the VCC community through focus groups, surveys, and meetings, the refreshed identity centers on VCC, a friendly, warm, welcoming, everyday place of real learning.

“For 144 years, VCC has played a vital role in serving our diverse community by providing a skilled workforce in the city, the province, and beyond,” notes Ajay Patel, VCC President and CEO. Our commitment to our learners and our community is unwavering. Now, we have a brand that truly reflects these values. I am thrilled to be able to celebrate this milestone with our college community.”

Working with PS&Co Brand Studio, the brand centres on the true VCC experience: VCC is hands-on, practice-based, and industry-connected. It is a place where learners can get as close to their real future work in a safe space, and it is a community where everyone is free to be themselves.  

“The work VCC does in the educational sector is incredible—they really do realize the opportunity for change that education creates, and they make that opportunity for change available to everyone,” says James Bateman, Creative Director at PS&Co Brand Studio. “These values just weren’t being seen, so people were making up their own minds about VCC. We are really pleased to have worked with the team at VCC to bring this sense of welcome and everyday change to life through a new identity and brand idea, ‘Welcome to real learning for real change.’”

Connection to land and place

The refreshed brand incorporates VCC’s connection to land and place, reflecting its commitment to Truth and Reconciliation. Furthermore, the new logo is inspired by the Coast Salish Longhouse; just as the Longhouse expanded to accommodate its community, VCC continuously evolves to meet the needs of its learners and community. Coast Salish Cultural Consultant and Designer, Cory Douglas, was consulted throughout the process.

“The opportunity to share my knowledge about Coast Salish art and architecture was amazing,” shares Douglas. “My intention was to establish a safe place for us to collaboratively work together and for everyone to ask questions about what is culturally appropriate when speaking specifically to Coast Salish culture. The many conversations we had led us through some educative opportunities for a deeper level of engagement and understanding of the cultural differences of West Coast Indigenous communities.”

Douglas adds “I'm very proud of the work we did collectively, and I think we have all left with an amazing final product—'Coast Salish identity in Coast Salish Territory'.”

The launch of the brand coincides with VCC’s emerging leadership role in the community and in training the next generation of skilled workers. In 2023, the Province of B.C. announced $271.3 million to support the college’s new Centre for Clean Energy and Automotive Innovation that will train skilled labour in emerging technologies and unlock further developmental opportunities for the college and surrounding community.

“As a post-secondary institution that has continuously evolved to serve the needs of our community, sharing our VCC story is more important than ever,” says Patel.

Original article from Vancouver Community College