What's New at BC Colleges & End Of Year Message December 2015

Message from the President - Colin Ewart

Welcome to the December edition of “What’s New at BC Colleges”.

Every year it seems to amaze us all how quickly time flies and before we know it, the holidays are upon us. This is especially true for me this year as I approach the three month mark in my leadership role at BC Colleges. It's been a very positive time for me both professionally and personally and of course, a busy time as the Fall schedule comes to a close. I know it can take effort to find the time to really relax and enjoy the season, but I hope you will be able to carve out some downtime to celebrate and spend time with your families and friends – there is much to be grateful for. I also know that many of our students, faculty and support staff are finishing up the term and preparing to head home, whether home is just around the corner or in some cases back across Canada or around the world.  To all of you, we at BC Colleges wish you a very safe and happy holiday season.

Typically this time of year invokes reflection for us all. While it is too early in my tenure for deep reflection I did want to share that this Fall I have noted a positive, growing shift happening in terms of how the college sector is viewed, not just inside British Columbia but also nationally. Colleges are increasingly seen by others as a vital and vibrant part of the post-secondary system, and valued for the important role they play in training and educating students of all ages and backgrounds for the diverse work opportunities of tomorrow. This shift was articulated well in a recent national Maclean’s article. I couldn't agree more that as technology transforms workplaces and upends business models everywhere, colleges are well positioned to adapt and meet the changing needs of learners and employers. Every day I hear stories about how our colleges across the province transform people's lives – so, I'm excited to work with the Presidents and their teams at our Colleges to continue supporting this great work in 2016 and beyond!

Speaking of stories, please read on to learn more about the milestones, projects, collaborations and announcements from our colleges during the past month. For a full list of this month’s news, please check out  “In the News” on the BC Colleges website. And, I welcome your feedback, so please feel free to contact me by e-mail.
Colin Ewart, President BC Colleges

What's New at BC Colleges and End of Year Message December 2015