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Bees, flowers, and sustainable fashion blossom at VCC Tag: Camosun College

VCC welcomes some helpful new members to the campus community – a colony of mason bees! Unlike honeybees, who build complex hives and work together in large numbers, mason bees are solitary but effective pollinators that live in small, reed-like tubes. Mason bees are non-aggressive and do not make honey, instead eating the pollen they collect.

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Camosun Cares: welcoming students back to school with hampers of fresh food and essential supplies Tag: Camosun College

Camosun College is welcoming students back to school this week and offering a helping hand to those in need during the pandemic. Weekly care hampers, featuring an abundance of nutritious fresh produce, tasty prepared meals, essential hygiene products, and even easy-to-follow recipes, are available to any student who requests them—on a first-come, while hampers last basis.

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Camosun’s Face Shield Designs Help Locally, Globally Tag: Camosun College

When Island Health requested specialised personal protective equipment in early April, Camosun Innovates stepped up to design and manufacture over 9,000 medical-grade shields for local health care professionals. After fulfilling that large order, the Camosun Innovates Team made their design files freely available online and continued to protect members of the community from the COVID-19 virus.

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Camosun College Automotive Department Brings Applied Training Online Tag: Camosun College

When Camosun College shifted to online course delivery in March to address the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Automotive Service Technician Program team sprung to action to ensure that their students could successfully complete the term and to provide hands-on training creativity from a safe social distance.

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