Transforming for Tomorrow


British Columbia’s colleges are leading the way forward as we transform for tomorrow.

Advanced technology. Artificial intelligence. Innovative manufacturing. Big data. They are just a few of the disruptive technologies that are rapidly changing our economy and our communities. No learner, sector of the economy or region of British Columbia is immune from the sweeping transformation which is displacing traditional jobs and creating new ones.

In such uncertain times, British Columbia’s colleges are taking the lead to ensure we develop the talented, innovative and adaptable learners our economy requires. And we are doing it by offering affordable, accessible and applied educational programs.

Our latest Report, Transforming For Tomorrow - BC Colleges: Creating Opportunities for All is not about predicting the future, but rather, it is a strategic statement about how colleges will work with partners, including employers and government, to prepare learners for the emerging economy.

Transforming for Tomorrow - Download the Full Report (.pdf)


Transforming For Tomorrow - BC Colleges: Creating Opportunities for All was informed by a number of key research reports and sources.

Our project team collated and reviewed over forty substantive research reports and articles – the majority recommended to us during discussions with key stakeholders including British Columbia leaders in business, government and higher education.

The primary subject of these materials was about the Future of Work and its potential impact on the Post Secondary education system, the students, and learning spaces. While many of the research reports and articles were of Canadian origin, a number came from international sources. Most provided substantial bibliographies on their research sources and data.

Our Key Findings Report shares data that we found relevant and provides a listing of all sources reviewed.

Transforming for Tomorrow - Download the Full Key Findings Report (.pdf)

The solutions and our summary – Ideas for Action - contained in this report represent an investment in British Columbia’s greatest asset - our people. Everyone deserves the opportunity to benefit from an innovative economy. By adapting our education and training system today, we can ensure tomorrow’s leaders and employees are nimble and equipped with the skills for lifelong success.