Why Study in BC?

Why Choose One of BC’s Colleges?

With many post-secondary education options available, students should choose attending a BC college because:

  • Colleges are the most affordable and accessible pathway to post-secondary education in BC – with over 60 campuses students can live and study close to home
  • College programs provide relevant opportunities and pathways to employment or further education
  • College faculty have an outstanding reputation for teaching excellence – students receive a world-class education from experienced instructors who are invested in teaching
  • Classes are smaller – students get more individual attention, have more opportunities to ask questions and are better able to learn and practice new skills
  • Colleges offer extensive choice – it’s easy for students to find a program that suits their unique needs and goals
  • Colleges have a world-class university transfer program – unlike in many other jurisdictions, our students can take advantage of the smaller class sizes while earning course credits that can be transferred to another college or university degree program, in BC or abroad
  • Tuition at our colleges is affordable– students pay significantly less than at a university and the credentials earned at college are in high demand by employers
  • Our colleges offer flexible admission policies, and a wide range of preparatory and upgrading courses that make post-secondary credentials (certificate, diploma, degree or post-degree) a reality for our students
  • BC’s colleges are renowned for their friendly, inclusive quality learning environment, and supports offered to students of all ages