Coast Mountain College Use Distributed Learning Models for Spring Offerings

Instructors at Coast Mountain College have pivoted quickly to move to distributed learning models while in-person learning isn’t possible. While many of CMTN’s trademark field schools will be experienced differently this year, the same talented, innovative and fun instructors are leading classes, starting with University Credit and Business intersession courses.

As students wrap up this term, many are looking to intersession for a variety of courses offered through distributed learning. While the format is different than CMTN's usual experiential, place-based face-to-face offerings, these courses will connect students with our experienced, knowledgeable, and fun college instructors.

This spring, CMTN will be offering a number of accredited courses in topics such as: business, permaculture, geography, psychology, oceanography and criminology through distributed learning opportunities. Students can take courses for professional development, university transfer credits or as dual credit for high school students.

CMTN spring University Credit and Business offerings

Original article from Coast Mountain College