College of New Caledonia offers virtual open house showcases for 2021

The College of New Caledonia (CNC) welcomed the community to explore what it has to offer throughout 2021, in a safe and accessible way at a virtual open house event on November 26.  

“People have put so many parts of their lives on hold due to the pandemic, engaging in education and training to improve one’s life should never wait,” said CNC President Dr. Dennis Johnson. “CNC is open, we continue to provide opportunities, and we are ready to welcome people from our region to transform their lives through the development of new skills.”

Online workshops took place throughout the day and covered a range of topics including preparing students for college, information on how to access student supports, and study abroad opportunities starting in 2022. The community was invited to connect with instructors from numerous program areas such as Fine Arts, Web, and Graphic Design, Natural Resource, and Forest Technology, and Health Care.

“This virtual open house is an invitation to the community to experience the many great opportunities available to those who are considering starting or continuing their studies at CNC in 2021,” said CNC Vice President Student Affairs Shelley Carter-Rose. “The interactive conversations with instructors allow prospective students to get familiar with CNC programs while other sessions inform students how to access student supports to ensure academic success.

Original article from College of New Caledonia