NWCC Early Childhood Education Student Shoots for Success

AG_blogimageHlgu Gwiix Mix Lukwhl way Ksim Laxsgiik Niiy Wilps Simoogit Gwiix Maaw Wil Wit Gwiy Gitlaxt'aamiks Wil Jogay.

My name is Auzia Gonu, I am Laxsgiik (Eagle) from the house of Gwiix Maaw, I am from the Nisga'a Village of New Aiyansh.

I am in my second year of studying Early Childhood Education at NWCC. I have a passion for working with young children and am very happy that I have found something to do with my life that I am good at and that I enjoy. My goals for this year are to graduate with my ECE certificate and go on and get my diploma. I’ve already had employment opportunities in the ECE field and I’m really excited about my future.

Everything is going really great for me right now. I’m completing a practicum at Terrace Campus Childcare Centre and was recently awarded a $2000 bursary for the New Relationship Trust 2012/13. I also play forward for the New Aiyansh Gitmidiik Thunder and will be participating in the 54th All Native Basketball Tournament in February. Go Gitmidiik! Go NWCC!