Shipbuilding Contract Good News for Camosun College, Students & Economy

6The recent $8 billion Federal shipbuilding contract landed by west coast-based Seaspan Marine Corp. is good news for Camosun College and our students. It’s also great news for our community and economy.

Welding instructor Jim Stratford agrees. He’s been teaching our trades and visual arts students the science and the art of welding for over 12 years.

“Since the ship building announcement we’ve seen a huge resurgence in interest in our metal and marine-related trades,” says Jim. “While we are working on additional specific marine programs to help serve this growing sector, we are also increasing our intake capacity in our existing trades programs to meet the job demand.”

Camosun is the largest trades training provider on Vancouver Island, the second largest in BC, and a key player in ship building training and in the economic prosperity of our community.

Camosun offers leading-edge, practical trades and apprenticeship training to over 2,000 students each year in: Plumbing and PipefittingWeldingCarpentryElectricalSheet MetalAutomotive MechanicsHeavy Duty/Commercial Transport MechanicsHorticultureNauticalFine FurnitureCulinary Arts; and more.