Vancouver Community College Welcomes New Mental Health Training Tool for Faculty and Staff

When it comes to mental health and wellness of post-secondary students, staff and instructors are often the first point of contact for those seeking help.

That’s why Vancouver Community College (VCC) welcomes the introduction of a new training initiative, Capacity to Connect, which provides basic mental health and wellness knowledge for post-secondary faculty and staff to support students in distress.

Developed by BCcampus and introduced on May 11 by the B.C. government, Capacity to Connect is another important tool for post-secondary institutions to support our future workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

“This past year has been tough for all British Columbians, including post-secondary students who have had to deal with so many disruptions and unexpected challenges,” says Anne Kang, B.C. Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Training. "Capacity to Connect means faculty and staff at our post-secondary institutions will have easier access to the tools and skills they need to provide intervention and help."

Capacity to Connect is an open educational resource consisting of a two-hour training session that can be completed online or in person. Participants will gain a better understanding of their role in responding to students in distress and gain basic tools for approaching and referring students to campus and community resources.

Original article from Vancouver Community College