VCC Launches New Pathways Programs for Adult Learners

Vancouver Community College (VCC) announces the launch of two new pathways for adult upgrading this summer with support from the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills.

This unique opportunity specifically targets adult learners and mature students whose schooling may have been interrupted or incomplete, providing them with access and confidence-building experiences to complete a post-secondary program and graduate with job-ready skills.

Natasha Mandryk, VCC math department head, explains that after some time away from school, most people benefit from individual support. “For most of our lives, our high school transcripts don’t reflect our current knowledge,” she says. “This pathway helps students assess what they know and build personalized learning plans to meet their goals, getting students into their target programs as efficiently as possible.”

A dedicated cohort will support Indigenous learners transitioning to future-ready careers in trades, technology and health. By customizing learning approaches to each individual, this pathway aims to provide a low-barrier, positive and empowering introduction to post-secondary education. Cultural workshops and Elder visits will be embedded as part of the program to foster a safe learning environment for Indigenous students.

To help meet the demand for future healthcare workers in B.C., a second pathway program will target adult learners interested in returning to school to begin a career in health care assisting, nursing, practical nursing and dental care. This preparatory upgrading program will cover high school math and science. With a trauma-informed, supportive and student-centered learning environment, this program is expected to bolster confidence among students in their ability to succeed in their chosen health care field.

“These pathway programs will intentionally focus on fostering supportive learning communities and a sense of belonging at VCC, because we know how important these factors are to student success,” says Jennifer Kelly, science department head.

Both pathways are open to domestic students and are tuition-free. The expected start dates for these upgrading pathway programs are September 2024 and January 2025.

Original article from Vancouver Community College