Camosun College Foundation Injects $200,000 into Emergency Bursary for Students in Need

The Camosun College Foundation Board of Directors has approved the contribution of $200,000 into the college’s Erasing Barriers emergency bursary fund to help students during the COVID-19 crisis.

“We recognize that the longer the COVID-19 pandemic goes on, and the less work is available, Camosun students are facing greater economic challenges than ever before,” says Camosun College Foundation Board Chair Jeety Bhalla. 

The college’s Erasing Barriers bursary was created last fall, and two weeks ago received a large boost of over $30,000 from the Camosun College Student Society, the Camosun College Faculty Association and other individual donors.

“With more than 1,000 requests for financial support streaming in from students over the last 14 days, the Camosun College Foundation has injected another $200,000 into the bursary fund to assist as many students as possible,” adds Bhalla.

“We are grateful to have the Camosun College Foundation who have helped make this happen,” says Camosun College President Sherri Bell. “We are working to assist as many students as quickly as possible.”

The Erasing Barriers bursary fund is administered by the college’s Financial Aid department.

“These emergency funds are open to all Camosun students who are facing immediate financial urgency,” adds Bell. 

Eligible students receive $200 for day-to-day living expenses like groceries and basic essentials. Over 500 students have currently received funds through the bursary, and applications continue to flow in.

To date, the college’s Financial Aid staff have received over 1,000 requests from students for emergency assistance.

Those interested in helping students can donate to the fund by visiting the Camosun College Foundation website and choosing “Erasing Barriers Student Emergency Fund.”

Original article from Camosun College